Cancel your Sprint contract sans Early Termination Fee until January 31!

We love hearing that wireless carriers are making changes to their Terms of Service (ToS) legalese. As much as we love being tied to one wireless carrier for years at a time, any change to the ToS verbiage is grounds for invalidating a wireless contract. Sprint’s latest move to increase their administrative fees (you know, one of the myriad nickel-and-dime fees that carriers love to tack) has opened the door for dissatisfied Sprint customers to jump ship without having to pay the Early Termination Fee (ETF).

Sprint recently upped their administrative fee to $0.75, which gave Sprint customers a chance to cancel their contracts sans ETF until January 1. Apparently, Sprint’s bottom line dictated that they up their admin fee again – this time, to $0.99. Sprint customers now have until January 31 to cancel their Sprint contract without incurring an ETF. If you’ve been considering a switch to a new carrier, now would be a good time to cancel that Sprint contract!

The Palm Pre will be ushering in the all-new Web OS platform as an exclusive on Sprint’s network. We’d imagine now would be a good time to cancel your Sprint contract and wait until Sprint goes live with the Palm Pre – that way you can sign up for a new Sprint contract and get your hands on subsidized Palm Pre.

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  • eric

    right now we are on 2/11/09

    is this article stating i have untill next january, or did the deadline already pass?!

  • Ben

    I was wondering the same thing, I was told at an AT&T store that it was until March 15 (which is today, I figure he was just trying to get me to buy from him that day). But then I called Sprint and the guy I talked to said that he never heard of any such thing.

    I desperately want out of my Sprint contract, but I do not want to shell out 200 bucks.

    Someone post if they have any info on this…

    • Lou


      We had been with Sprint a long time and due to an upgrade on one cell phone I still had a few months on the ETF contract. My wife had suffered near fatals strokes and I was having dropped calls by Sprint. I wrote them and told them why I was leaving them. I paid all bills pertaining to service and taxes but not the $200 ET fee. They have harrassed us for months and did everything possible to ruin ove 40 years of perfect credit.

      I have been in touch with a national magazine very interested in our plight with Sprint and told me my story is one of many.

  • nathan

    Honestly, I am a loyal sprint customer and have been for years. With any cell phone carrier you carry a contract(except maybe for the city to city networks like metro pcs,cricket and any pay as you go plan). If you’d done your research you would know, Cell phone companies don’t get discounts on phones when they purchase them direct from the manufacturer. For example- The Blackberry curve YOU as a loyal customer would get for 49.99… THEY purchase at full price. The reason they ask you for that contract is to ensure they are not giving YOU something for nothing. What the hell happened to America. There was a day when a contract was a contract. You people are so free to judge when your life goes to shambles. Give give give. PS… Every network gets dropped calls—if you did further research you would see that sprint just expanded its global network by allowing ericson to take over most markets to improve the coverage ten fold- JD power and associates is stating that customer care has vastly improved and that Sprint is now neck and neck with AT@T- Call Verizon and see if they will give you a damn thing- NOPE. Check on coverage and cost- Jd Power and Associates just stated that SPRINT has the most dependable 3g network. That beats every other cell provider out there. Not to mention the absolute fastest network beating the Iphone in several tests. It’s people like you that have brought such a distaste to a wonderful company. This is the real world buddy. A world where your personally issues don’t just magically make your problems disappear or your valid contracts. Grow up. My sister was murdered and I still had to go to work and pay my bills. Oh and another thing, this is America. When you agree to a contract your bound by it. It’s your word. Or have you forgotten your values.

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