‘Clippy’ Brings Copy and Paste to the iPhone 3G

Be honest, how long have you been waiting for a copy/paste function on your iPhone? A long time, right? Certainly Apple is working on this, but what the heck are we waiting for!??? With that in mind, I noticed a new Cydia app this morning that looks pretty darn awesome. Called ‘Clippy’, it does what you think it will do: Add Copy/Paste functionality to the iPhone!

Clippy works within most applications. Some 3rd party apps don’t look too kindly on the app, so there will certainly be some issues. That said, with Clippy you can copy/paste between iPhone apps like Mail, Safari and more.

Using Clippy looks very simple and easy. Highlight the text you want copied, and hit the ‘copy’ button. Move to the app where you’d like to paste, then hit the paste button! I should note, you’ll need to hit the ‘.?123’ button to make the copy/paste buttons viewable! You’ll also need to be in an app with keyboard functionality available (duh), otherwise, you’re out of luck.

Looks like good stuff to me. If you absolutely need copy/paste right now, give it a shot. Clippy is available via Cydia. Search for ‘Clippy’ and it’ll be there.

For more information, check out this great thread over at ModMyi.com.

[Via: ModMyi]

  • Dan

    Meanwhile, my 2-year-old Palm 755p had copy and paste out of the box…

  • Rex

    It works but still needs work. They need to find a way to copy any text from a website.

  • Kyle

    Seriously the iPhone at least needs to allow you to forward contact phone numbers to someone via text. It’s a great toy, but I miss my Blackberry…

  • Rick

    Remember when Apples had the good interface, and windows did not? Now it is the opposite. C’mon Apple, no copy-paste??!! Its a 1980’s functionality.

  • John

    I was shocked to find that the iPhone did not have copy and paste. If I knew earlier I would have stuck to my Blackberry….seriously. Shame on you Apple for not including something so basic.

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