Mobile Gaming in China worth $188m now; $461m soon!

Yep, apparently China’s Mobile games market is worth $188m, and will grow to $461m by 2010! 

The report from “Research and Markets” pinpoints some pretty decent numbers, but I have to say, compared to the amount of people in China, the revenue is a relatively low amount.

I read a report the other that said that there are now as many Internet users in China, as there are people LIVING in the whole of the US! The figure was something like 300m if I remember correctly. Now, given that 1/6 of the world’s population is in China, you can see the remaining potential for growth.

If we also bear in mind that the rollout of 3G service is now going to occur apace, it can only mean that gaming is going to explode as things like multiplayer start to become popular – even basic download times for purchasing games (i.e. the ease of purchase) are going to get much better.

Expect BIG numbers for Mobile gaming in China within 5 years!

[Story via: / Image via: Forum Nokia]

  • Zak

    It’s only because the Chinese people are too poor to afford actual consoles.

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