Nokia 8800 “Royal Edition” slathers itself with diamonds and platinum

There really is no accounting for taste, or a complete lack thereof, in this case. We’ve seen the stylish Nokia 8800 desecrated covered in diamonds and covered in gold in the past, but this latest uber-lux Nokia 8800 takes the cake with its 1160 tiny diamonds set on a Platinum-coated exterior. And, because high-end handsets are all about the details, the Nokia “Royal Edition,” as it’s called, sports 8 handmade Platinum screws holding the handset together. It all sounds luxurious and exclusive on paper, but we have a feeling that high marks on paper won’t translate into real world

The Nokia Royal Edition is the brainchild of Goldstriker’s Stuart and Katherine Hughes, and will only be made in a limited run of 50 handsets. The limited production run should make this expectedly expensive handset even more exclusive. Pricing isn’t mentioned, but there’s no doubt that if you have to ask how much it cost, you most definitely can’t afford it.


Anyone interested in announcing to the world their ridiculously-sized pocket book and apparent lack of taste can hop a flight to Paris on January 31 and pick up a Nokia 8800 Royal Edition from the Colette boutique. For you ballers on a budget, online orders can be placed through Stuart and Katherine Hughes’ website.

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