Subway launches sandwich ordering via SMS in New York City

Subway Now

No company can ignore mobile and sandwich chain Subway is not an exception. The company has launched a service called Subway Now to allow New York City residents to make sandwich orders via text message. In order to use the service, users need to register on a special website where they should enter their credit card information, address, as well as make list of their favorite sandwiches. Afterwards, ordering is as easy as sending the word “menu” to Subway’s shortcode. They reply back with a list of predefined favorites and after another reply on user’s part with the sandwich number they want, Subway Now responds with a text confirmation and pickup time. It may sound kinda complicated, but it’s quite simple, taking only two text messages for ordering.

This doesn’t mean there’s a delivery involved in the process. As I just mentioned, there’s a pickup time, meaning that you’ll still have to visit local Subway (the reason why you need to enter your address) to grab the sandwich. The benefit is in skipping the queue!

The service is free and is getting more popular with the day. As a result, I would expect to see Subway launching the service in other metro areas in the near future…

[Via: Springwise]

  • dmm

    Does it let you customize your order, though? That’s a must for me–I never order subs as-is…



    437-61 STREET APT 3C
    BROOKLYN, N.Y. 11220-4575

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