Cellphone battery explodes Chinese man’s chest!

lenovo-store-china-battery-explodesForget about catching on fire, this particular cellphone battery actually exploded with enough force to sever some apparently vital (as opossed to those non-vital arteries…) arteries in a Chinese man’s chest. Chinese-language site Hexun is reporting that witnesses heard a sudden, loud “bang” and then saw the man fall to the floor. Sadly, the exploding mobile phone battery resulted in an untimely end for the poor guy, who was just out shopping at a Lenovo store.

China seems to be a hotbed for cellphone mishaps that involve batteries and some sort of combustion. Could it be that there are more cellphone users in China than there are people in the US? Or is it just a case of getting what you pay for with third-party batteries?

[Via: EngadgetMobile]

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    It’s is said this is a samsung mobile phone in Shen Zheng

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