Callpod’s Keeper keeps your personal information safe on iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones


Callpod, which we already know as a maker of cool and quite expensive accessories, announced its entrance into the smartphone application market. Their product is called Keeper and it allows users to quickly and easily store all sensitive passwords, notes, lists and other personal information in a safe and multi-layer encrypted, secure environment.

Speaking of secure environment, Keeper uses 128-bit military-grade AES encryption to make sure even if you lost your phone another person can’t access your data. Heck, even if this happens [someone manages to get your phone], there’s a self destruct mode, which as you might guess, erases all the information stored in the Keeper.

There’s also a desktop component which works both on Mac and PC computers, allowing you to have your information always in sync.

Finally, Keeper is available for three popular smartphone platforms – iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. iPhone app is currently in beta, and it costs a buck… More information is available from Callpod’s website.

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