Apple patent application hints at removable iPhone battery!

Made famous for its absurdity, the iPhone’s lack of a conveniently removable battery has been one of the iPhone and iPhone 3G’s harshest critiques. With the iPhone’s power-needs draining full batteries in as little as a day, the lack of a removable battery is made even more apparent. But, there’s hope yet. A new Apple patent application hints at future iPhone with a universal rechargeable battery – one that you can actually remove and replace on a whim!

The Apple patent application details plans for a universal rechargeable battery that can be swapped interchangeably between, presumably, Apple devices. In fact, one patent diagram depicts a mobile phone with a port for the universal battery pack. If Apple does have real plans to bring this particular patent to life, it’s not too far a stretch to see a future iPhone outfitted with the removable battery technology.


This generic cellphone hints at a future iPhone with a removable battery.

Apple’s patent for a universal rechargeable battery uses a Mac desktop as a central charging station for multiple universal batteries. The computer would feature charging-ports to manage and charge multiple batteries simultaneously. Batteries running low on juice would sent an alert to the computer, instructing the user to replace the battery with a charged battery.

At the heart of the universal battery technology is the integrated circuitry within each battery that communicates with its host device to determine what kind of power output is required. Since each device has specific power requirements

[Via: AppleInsider]

  • KennMSr

    I think the replaceable battery issue is overblown. I’ve now had my Gen 1 iPhone since day one and am just now (19 months) finding that it only lasts 4 hours and keeping a charger handy is getting cumbersome. But since I can get an immediate battery replacement at the Apple Store I’m just weighing length of ownership vs charge time.

  • Hammer

    I’m not sure what the big deal is with a removable battery. In all of my years in IT with all the palms and blackberrys and windows mobile phones I have seen in the wild used by professionals, not CEOs who play on it, but actual workers, NONE of them have ever purchased, or even considered buying another battery. Most of them charge it with their computer, with an AC adapter or car charger. The only people who cry for removable batteries are the ones who don’t have the foresight to charge their phone overnight, or always forget to carry the USB cable or the charger. Plus with the market moving with the fact that there isn’t a removable battery, you now have tons of options to keep your iPhone charged. Even Duracell makes a cable which plugs in to your iphone and will charge up your battery with ordinary batteries!

  • Dave

    I am by no means a talkaholic, so I find my Apple iPhone battery life very good. I typically charge my iPhone every two days. If I spend a lot of time on the web… which I do from time to time, then It generally will require a charge that day. I keep a charger in my truck and give it a boost when I am driving.

    My wife plays a lot (an awful lot) of PacMan, so she needs to charge her iPhone more often.

    My son uses his to text message more than talk. I’ve never heard him complain about battery life on his iPhone.

    I think the wireless charging technology will change the entire discussion about battery life just like Wi-Fi has changed everyone’s concept of using the web. I can imagine restaurants offering a free charge along with free Wi-Fi in the years ahead.

    What ever did we do before the ubiquitous web arrived?

  • Carlos M. J. Clavijo Jr.

    FINALLY!!!!!! I keep seeing people raving about their IPhone’s at work and yet, I see them curtailing their use of it at times to save their “battery time”. I bought an HP IPaq 910 over the apple’s IPhone because of this. Having a removable battery is a DEAL BREAKER for me. Always being Why? Whether I text a lot or talk a lot, I also use my IPaq’s internet explorer heavily…. So much so, that I kill the battery very fast…but, no worry, I have 3 high capacity batteries in my bag. In other words…lock and load! It’s not often that you have access to a usable plug, and years ago, I got thrown out of a restaurant because I got caught “stealing” power from a wall outlet. Okay, the jerk who did this was as some friends told me; Insane, but I learned my lesson. How many stories do I hear of people who are in remote areas needing help and could not survive because their phone’s battery died. Not me. Furthermore, this goes to show how things seem to finally be dawning on Steve Jobs. He is brilliant, yes; but still a foolish man. Why? If he had not being so anal retentive about keeping control, all of us would be using Apple computers, not IBM compatibles with Microsoft’s Mental Torture Ware. Putting in a battery that you can swap on the IPhone would make me a buyer and supporter of Apple…And goodbye Windows Mobile that I had to reset soooooooooooo many times.
    If I can download google maps, a better PDF reader, a script recognition ware that works, and a browser that works, even if it is Mozilla’s Firefox for IPhone…..I will then be an Apple Zombie!

  • John.greatwall

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