Google Docs now Editable on Mobile

Google Docs went mobile a little over a year ago, but only let you view the documents you had made on your desktop computer. Well, Google Docs Mobile has recieved a little bit of a feature upgrade,now allowing you to edit, sort and filter existing spreadsheets on S60, Android and the iPhone. This is a great option for small and medium businesses who need to fill out expense reports on the go, but don’t have the coinage for a catered mobile application. BlackBerry support is conspicuously absent. Humbug! Hit up on your mobile browser to have a go.

[via Official Google Mobile Blog]

  • Andrew Carr

    Don,t know about you, but here in th UK you can still only view documents on the mobile with that address. I have a Nokia e71 any thoughts on this?

  • Andy Carr

    doh! Just realised you were talking spreadhees not documents. However, cant understand why google have not provided the editing functionality on mobiles for docs yet, as there are loads of other services which allow editing on mobile for notes docs etc. Its very inconvenient not to have the facility. Andy

  • tuxgirl

    I agree with Andy. I would love to be able to edit text-files and such on google docs from my phone.

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