Adobe and Nokia announce $10 million Open Screen Project fund to push Flash apps development

Open Screen ProjectIt’s the way of the future. Apple has its iFund, Google its developers challenge and now Nokia along with Adobe is joining the wave. The two companies unveiled $10 million Open Screen Project fund to push development of applications and services using the Adobe Flash platform.

The new fund is a result of the industry-wide initiative called Open Screen Project, designed to enable a “consistent experience for web browsing and standalone applications.”

Interested developers should make such apps and services that work on multiple screens, including mobile, desktop and other gadgets. The judging criteria is connected with the UI look and feel, the application’s robustness and implementation, and how well it exploits the capabilities and features of Nokia devices, Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR. Focus areas include entertainment, social networking, productivity, gaming, and news and information… More information and details on how to apply is available from a dedicated website.

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