Adobe Flash Player 10 Coming to Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and More!

adobe-flashFor those of you that were wondering when the heck Flash was coming to Android, your wait is over. Today, at Mobile World Congress Adobe just made an official announcement that yet, Flash is coming to Android. But it doesn’t stop there. More Flash goodness is spreading around. The same announcement also let us know that Flash will be coming to Windows Mobile, Nokia S60/Symbian and new Palm devices. Yippee!

What can we expect? Look for Adobe to have Flash Player 10 running on these devices by the end of this year. Get ready for all of the same video’s, apps, games and everything else, same as you’d find on your desktop.

Android = Flash
Windows Mobile = Flash
S60/Symbian = Flash
Palm = Flash
iPhone = No Flash
BlackBerry = No Flash

One has to wonder when Apple and RIM will allow Adobe in the front door…

[Via: GoogleandBlog]

  • mikea

    In Apple’s case passing the Flash is understandable. They want the best experience for their customers, which means that if the Flash is running at low frame rates (as it would be being the resource hog it is) it’s not the experience the customer is looking for. Also, Flash would open the door to all those simple, small games that litter the whole web and would undermine the Apple Appstore. And I’m not even going to go to all the UI-problems that are inherit in trying to map the Flash mouse or key controls to touch screen.

    For Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile it’s quite clear also: they want the most features. It’s yet another bullet point in their sales sheets and will cater for techie types who are looking for the phone’s feature sets above everything – no matter if it is so slow as to become unusable. And all the control caveats should be taken into account here also.

    And even then.. have you tried Flash lite programs on handsets? They are slow. And we are talking about the full Flash 10 here.

    • PropeT

      and again …….. someone that is blinded by the mac indoctrination… mac is good.. mac is heaven.. everything else sucks … buy mac … be different … blablablabla …

  • Jona

    Flash light was something for smaller phones. Flash 10 is a fast and better version than flash light 2.0

    You need to consider the new chip sets that are on the market. Ofcource Flash 10 will not work on your old Nokia or Moto Rzr phone…

    But new phones will be much powerful and energy efficient allowing phones to run Flash 10 without problems and also making phone have the availavility to create incredible GUI!

    I think flash 10 will be a hit on phones and apple will have no choice but to add it to their list of features.


  • farfromsober

    I’m just waiting for flash so I can watch youporn on the go!

  • joshua

    I have aNokia N78, a relatively new phone. Flash lite is awful. It does not open the majority of the websites and it is awfully slow and has crashed my phone a number of times when i tried to use it. there is no point licensing this software. the net does not become more accessible, the experience just becomes more frustrating! that is probably why RIM and Apple don’t want to burden their customers with this poor software. If the software is of adequate quality i am sure these companies will not object to incorporating the software.

  • mp

    Garbage! The end of this year? The phone won’t even be worth having by then. Some new shit will come out. Man I have a nokia n95. Its a year old and it already has some kind of flash on it….wtf is so complicated about making it for android based mobiles….

  • dc

    I think iPhone did mistake with, not supporting flash and I don’t agree that Nokia S60 phones will be slow. My E51 is much faster than iPhone, not to mention N95 with graphic accelerator. Don’t worry about flash on Nokia, worry about not supported synchronizations via blue tooth on iPhone (basic feature in smart phone). This is reason why I don’t know why iPhone is smart phone. It is OK as fashion phone but not as smart phone.

  • rigamrts

    Flast is not slow be cause of how graphic intence it is most flash stuff can run on a low grade processor it downloading the flash app that takes the time. Now there are exceptions to the rules like but on the web that’s few and far between for normal web users the 533mhz duo with 192 megs of ddr2 flash ram I have is more than enough for flash the problem and this will all ways be the problem it moble network they are slow and pretty much all the stuff the phone company had for their old dsl days. Oh and the reason flash will not be on the iphone anytime soon and it will be there when Jobs market share drops below what he feels is a profit is cause his company is under comunist rule when it comes to the iphone. Now abobe is the company that kept apple afloat till the ipod came out and tell them no we won’t let you put flash on our phone unless you let us impliment the way we feel means the iphone has a lot of unknown flaws that hackers could exploit if it allowed direct downloads from the net not cause Jobs wants to make a buck he could just let it happen at anytime as a matter of fact adobes probably has a version that runs smooth on the iphone right now I personally went with the g1 cause of price and plan costs I’d love to have an iphone but I’m not going to cut my arm and leg off just to pay the bill when I can pay 96 buck and surf all I want otherwise I would have ponied up the extra 20 bucks to get the iphone no sweat off my back. Jobs is just being overprotective of the iphone. Adobe and Apple both built each other so the no flash on the iphone is on big deal when some of the best adobe products work better on the Mac

  • pc

    Dude – no application works better on a MAC – I just custom spec built one of the most powerful machines on this planet – fracken Enterprise – this thing hums – can literally open every Master Suite CS4 at once (got the screen space for it too) and all that for less than an apple – have built some of the most complex flash applications out there, desktop -web -tcp/ip with c++ custom scripting you name it – apple is for ponies.

  • hamgamgo

    Yay can’t wait for symbian flash player 10

  • jay

    First of all don’t compare flash lite with flash 10
    There’s a video on youtube playing flash video on android and its perfect.
    Secondly I consider iphone for high school kids
    It doesn’t allow any kinda sharing. No bluetooth no infra no external memory
    It can never be considered as a smartphone coz its not
    Now g1 has already hit iphone badly because of its open platform and now flash is coming
    Iphone is going to die now
    And for those who think iphone is still doing good so letme just tell you guys
    Iphone 3gs is a big loss for apple because every one know that after 6 or 7 months iphone will come up with 3g ss and than old 3gs will become useless.

  • knoxslasher

    This is great! We can finally enjoy the things we love most about the internet.

  • Saminathan

    Can any one compare

    Android SDK vs Flash Lite
    J2ME vs Flash lite
    Blackberry API vs Flash Lite

  • Captain Caca

    Still waiting…sigh. Can’t play flash 9 or above on my N5800

    • susrut316

      I am using skyfire browser for my Nokia 5800….it supports flash player 10. Cheers 🙂

  • mattbutsko

    what the hell ever happened to this?

  • noman

    pls can any one tell me how to download flash player on nokia 5233 pls rply at:

  • Michal Tomasek

    Mozete mi prosim napisat,v akom stadiu vyvoja je flash player pre symbian S60?

  • Michal Tomasek

    Can you please write in what stage of development is a flash player for symbian S60?
    Thank you

  • Niepodam

    BlackBerry = Flash. Please update the article

  • Ne

    Android on ARM11 (1GHz) = no flash (pov 10″ basic flash in some pages, but mostly not working, no swf player)
    Symbian on ARM11 (369MHz) = flash (nokia 5230, plays my swf files ok)
    Is symbian so much better?

  • Ne

    Android on ARM11 (1GHz) = no flash (pov 10″ basic flash in some pages, but mostly not working, no swf player)
    Symbian on ARM11 (369MHz) = flash (nokia 5230, plays my swf files ok)
    Is symbian so much better?

  • Le0n_

    No…Symbian is sucks.

    S6 any know anything about Flash player for symbian? When comming out? Maybe after 3-4 years or more?

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