TI unveils new DLP Pico projector technology chip


Texas Instruments announced the new DLP Pico projector chipset, designed to be used in mobile phones and other gadgets. Among the notable features are support for WVGA resolution, more then 20% thinner optical module height and more than 20% smaller optical module volume. In addition, the new member to the DLP Pico projector family is both more power efficient and has increased brightness, as well as the contrast ratio of better than 1000:1.

The bad thing, though, is that these chipsets have availability slated for late 2009. In other words, don’t expect to see any handsets using the new DLP technology this year… Full release follows after the jump.

PRESS RELEASE – Today at GSMA Mobile World Congress, Texas Instruments (TI) DLP Products announced the newest chipset in the DLP Pico family with availability slated for late 2009. Small enough to embed into the most compact mobile phones and gadgets, DLP Products has effectively scaled the display technology down to the size of a raisin without compromising superior picture quality and screen size.

Designed in response to demand from mobile device manufacturers, the new chip demonstrates DLP’s continued leadership in the pico projector category. This announcement comes on the heals of, the first DLP Pico chipset being named a finalist in the Global Mobile Awards for Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough awarded by the GSMA.

“Building upon the success of the first DLP Pico chipset, which has HVGA resolution and enables leading brands to deliver cutting-edge products across the globe, this new chipset increases performance benchmarks,” said Frank J. Moizio, Manager, DLP Emerging Markets business. “The new chipset provides WVGA resolution, higher brightness and power efficiency; all while enabling thinner, smaller optical engine modules to meet the demands of contemporary handheld devices.”

DLP Pico projection products were featured at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January and regarded by industry analysts as one of the hottest new categories in consumer electronics. According to U.S. based research group Pacific Media Associates (PMA), the market for such devices is expected to surpass millions of units in the next few years.

First introduced at Mobile World Congress last year, several global partners have already launched products built on DLP Pico technology ranging from notebook companions to handheld media players and mobile phones.

The newest DLP Pico chipset can be paired with a TI OMAP application processor to deliver the ultimate mobile user experience. The DLP Pico chipset is a combination of the DLP Pico chip and the DLP Pico processor. It is optimized for applications in mobile and handheld devices.

The new DLP Pico solution delivers the following features:

  • WVGA (854×480) – Native DVD resolution
  • Enables >20% thinner optical module height
  • Enables >20% smaller optical module volume
  • Incorporates technology advances that increase both brightness and power efficiency
  • Enables industry leading contrast ratio of better than 1000:1
  • Impressive full RGB color gamut

With more than 20 million units shipped to date, DLP’s innovation and flexibility in display technology enables manufacturers to bring affordable, reliable and cutting-edge products to market quickly.

To see DLP Pico technology in person at Mobile World Congress, please stop by the TI Booth located in Hall 8-8A84. TI will be hosting a press conference at the booth this evening from 6:00 PM (CET) with registration beginning at 5:30 PM.

For more information on DLP products please visit www.dlp.com.

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