Windows Announces Marketplace for Mobile, Preloaded on Windows Mobile 6.5


Nokia‘s not the only one announcing a mobile app store at Mobile World Congress 2009 – Microsoft, hot on the heels of their Windows Mobile 6.5 launch, have opened up on their own plans for on-device software browsing and downloading. There are more than a few advantages for Windows Mobile developers:

  • An easily discovered on-device application that is installed on every Windows Mobile 6.5 device, and includes prominent placement on the Start menu.
  • Global marketplace distribution (30 countries) with flexible payment options for end users through both credit card and mobile operator payment methods.
  • Single source developer-focused web site for sign-up, publishing, and management of applications in the marketplace.
  • Transparent set of policies that clearly articulate the types of applications allowed in the store.
  • Streamlined, yet flexible workflow for getting applications published to the marketplace.
  • Leverage existing Microsoft developer tools, such as Visual Studio, for faster time to market.
  • At first glance, Windows Mobile 6.5 didn’t look like much more than a touch-friendly facelift, but if it will be the landmark by which the beefier Internet Explorer, syncing MyPhone, and their Marketplace for Mobile will launch, 6.5 will certainly be an update to remember. That is, of course, until version 7 rolls around. 
    [Windows Mobile Team Blog via pocketnow]

    • Maciek

      Darn…so I guess I’ll have to stick to converting my porn on my laptop and then uploading via USB cable 🙁

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