ZumoDrive available for iPhones, netbooks


After being in a private trial stage for some time, ZumoDrive decided it’s about time to go public. As a result, their “Supersize Me” application is now available for the iPhone and netbook users. Yap, netbooks are also there for a reason.

Basically, the idea is to provide users with more storage in the cloud. And while we’ve seen many such services so far, there’s a twist included, at least for the iPhone users. The native iPhone app can open various documents types (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Acrobat, RTF, TXT), images, as well as stream music from your ZumoDrive (.aac and .mp3) — all stored in the ZumoDrive cloud. The streaming idea is the one I like the most.

As for the netbook users, thanks to the dedicated application, ZumoDrive will appear and perform just like a local drive.

In a nutshell, ZumoDrive is a cloud computing done right — by removing all the hassle, it doesn’t stand on the way of regular use of the computer.

The iPhone app is free and so is the basic service for up to 1-GB of space. Paid plans which include more storage space start at $2.99/month.

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