Sprint Paying Out $125 for New Customers Via Referral Program


An anonymous tipster over at PhoneArena has let it be known that Sprint is now offering a $125 payment for each referral. Crazy. There are a bunch of conditions that do need to be met, and the offer is apparently valid until the end of March only. Perhaps this is a test run.

At any rate, rumor is if you refer a friend to Sprint, you and your friend should receive a Sprint Referral Reward Visa debit card. Once your friends’ new account has been up for 30 days, you should see a credit of $100 on your card, while your friend should receive $25. To initiate the referral process you need to head over here and send an email to your friends/family/colleagues via the form on this page. Easy.

To actually claim the referral, the new customer will have to call #REF (#733) within 15 days or by 3/31/09, whichever happens to come first. Your referral will have to know YOUR Sprint number, so make sure everyone knows your number so that you get your deserved credit :)

Don’t get too excited now, if this is for real, you are limited to 12 referrals… and the debit cards will take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive. Plus, like I said earlier you would only have till the end of the month.

[Via: PhoneArena]

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