Amazon Launches Free Kindle App for iPhone

Amazon sure wasn’t kidding about spreading out to other mobile platforms at the Kindle 2 launch; you can now grab their application for free from the iTunes store and start shopping for books right from your iPhone. Even if you already have a Kindle, the WhisperSync feature will save your spot across multiple devices, which promises to be even more useful as Amazon spreads to more phones. Downside? Like so many distribution services dealing with intellectual property, it’s not available in Canada. The iPhone might not be as friendly on the eyes as the Kindle, but it certainly is more portable…

[via Amazon]

  • James Falconer

    Arghhh… why can’t this be available in Canada! 🙁 Yet another app restricted to the US. I know Canadians and folks in the UK (not to mention the rest of the world!) are feeling ripped over stuff like this!

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