Maemo 5 Alpha SDK is out!

Maemo 5 Alpha SDK

It was back in December when we saw the pre-alpha Maemo 5 SDK being released. The platform is advancing, and now we have the full Alpha version released, bringing a whole new finger-friendly UI framework among other things.

Although “Alpha” usually stands for “adventurous developers, only,” Maemo team says the new release is a good basis to get started with Maemo 5 application development instead of waiting for the forthcoming beta release.

As for the APIs included in the Maemo 5 Alpha SDK, there are:

  • Location API – for developing location-aware applications.
  • City Information – for obtaining information about cities, including city name, country name and country code.
  • Time management – an interface for handling time change notifications and collect relevant time and time zone information.
  • Vibra service – for triggering and controlling vibrations.
  • Device orientation – respond to changes in orientation and discover current orientation.

Other APIs available in Maemo 4 have been improved and are now available in this SDK release including: Alarm, Address book Access and Data notifications, Account, Battery and Logging development interfaces… More information is available in the official release notes.

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