Windows 98 running on Nokia N95!

nokia-n95-win-98-01Seeing Windows 3.1 running on an already-aged Nokia N95 reminded us just how far we’ve come in the past decade, or so. Then there was that iPhone running Mac OS 7 (System 7). Mobile phones these days, smartphones especially, are jam-packed with more computing power than we would have thought possible before the turn of the century. So, then, are these handsets today capable or running more robust, power-hungry platforms? Maybe even Windows 98? It seems that way.

What you’re seeing here are pictures and video of good ‘ole Windows 98 doing its thing on a Nokia N95 and a Nokia N85. Both cellphones are part of Nokia’s high-end NSeries lineup, so it’s a given that both the Nokia N95 and N85 were up to the task of running Win98. Granted, things take a little longer to execute when you’re running your Windows 98 desktop off of a Nokia N85, but just the fact that we can remember desktop boot-times on par with what you see in the video is just astounding!


  • helpdesk98

    awesome! I am a big Win98 Fan I still use it! That is cool running on a cell phone. It is amassing 98 can run on just about anything with no trubble lol.

  • musajan


  • jig

    where can free download for my N900

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