Android OS smartphone sales to surpass iPhone sales by 2012

InformaAccording to latest Informa’s research, Android-powered smartphone sales will surpass iPhone sales by 2012. Before you iPhone fans out there start jumping off, let me add that so far we’ve only seen two Android smartphones confirmed for release, both made by HTC – HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1) and HTC Magic. That, however, is just the beginning. During this and next year, it is expected that we see an array of new phones running Google’s mobile OS made by the likes of Huawei, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and all other handset manufacturers which are a part of the Open Handset Alliance. In that sense, once all these companies release their Android handsets, the combined sales will definitely surpass iPhone sales. So far, HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1’s sales don’t come even close to Apple’s figures.

Among the factors that will drive the Android handset sales are:

  • Changing software platform strategies – i.e. it’s all about the openness. That being said, it’s not a coincidence that Nokia pushed Symbian toward open-source.
  • Developers, developers, developers – as Steve Ballmer has put it. Developing for Symbian is still way too complicated for many companies. On the other hand, Google offers interested companies set of standardized tools.

Finally, and this is actually my two cents. Being in bed with Google is a good thing these days. If you can’t have the Apple partner contract, the next best thing is to go with the search giant’s offering, as far as mobile operators are concerned. 😉

More information about Informa’s research is available from their website.

  • G1HappyGuy

    After having Windows-based phones for years, I bought the T-Mobile G1 last week. It’s SOOO much better!! Of course the first app I downloaded from Android Market was “FART MACHINE” (it even has a timer for surprise fart attacks!)……But Android is the future, perhaps the iPhone killer!


  • mk1311

    seriously, 2012? do you think apple will sit back and not improve what they have already? wow, speechless, not a very reliable survey or study at all.

  • Dusan Belic

    It’s a numbers game. Four or five handset makers will sell more Android-powered smartphones than Apple iPhones. And I do agree with ABI Research – I believe that will be the case.

    And I don’t think Apple won’t keep improving the iPhone. The problem is that the iPhone is not available in all countries. If Lenovo does their OPhone properly for China Mobile, that phone alone may sell in more units than the iPhone.

  • David

    I don’t think so in the uk. The way G1 users have been treated and ignored is not funny or acceptable. I have no love of apple but I am openly hostile toward google now. Promises of a next genteration phone turn into a phone without video and camera that is about as useful as a box brownie. A battery I can flatten in 90mins with very little effort. If this is progress I think I’ll skip it.

  • rocky

    a new ipohne with android heart in

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