Intel Working on Shapeshifting Handsets

Alright, who’s up for some far-fetched science that will probably never see the light of day? Intel researcher Jason Campbell here describes how they’re working on dynamically changing the form of our phones to suit our needs. Need a web browsing tablet? Stretch that sucker out into a low-density, high-area machine. Making a call? Have it mould to the curvature of your face. Running low on pocket room? Condense your phone the size of a grape. Cool ideas all around, but Nokia has been kicking around the same ones. It’ll be interesting to see who, if anyone, manages to pull it off first. Although a working prototype might take another 3-5 years to produce, Intel patents show that they really mean business about this. Man, phones will be pretty crazy 20 years from now…

[via MediaBistro]

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