Facebook Connect goes iPhone; Social games and apps are here!

Facebook ConnectFacebook unveiled Facebook Connect for iPhone, enabling developers to easily make their apps more social with “just a few lines of Objective-C code.” As a result, we’ll see iPhone apps that allow users to login to Facebook from within an app, find their friends, and then share what they do.

Developers using Facebook Connect for iPhone will be able to:

  • Make API calls to access users’ profiles and share information on Facebook.
  • Publish to Facebook via Feed forms.
  • Ask users for extended permissions, like offline access, for interacting with the data even while there’s no Internet connection around.

Right from the start, Facebook made sure there are partners on board. And voila, some of the existing iPhone apps and games have been “socially enabled” or will be in the coming days. Among the titles mentioned are Agency Wars, Binary Game, iBowl, Live Poker, Movies, Sportacular, Tap Tap Revenge 2, Urbanspoon, Who Has the Biggest Brain? and Whrrl.

After the jump, there’s a 5-minute video demoing how to implement Facebook Connect on the iPhone in 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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