iPhone app iHeartRadio helps grow Clear Channel audience

iheartradio-logoIt seems that embracing the mobile market, especially iPhone users, has helped boost Clear Channel’s audience by 15%. With over 900 radio stations throughout the United States, Clear Channel’s reach is considerable over terrestrial broadcasts, and the company’s “iHeart Radio” iPhone application only broadens that reach.

iHeart Radio, available for free from the AppStore, streams radio broadcasts from over 150 of Clear Channel’s radio stations to iPhone users. As a testament to the AppStore’s popularity, Clear Channel has seen over 1 million times in its first 20 weeks in the AppStore. And, with downloads growing by 13% a week, it’s clear that iHeart Radio is a boon for Clear Channel.

MocoNews is reporting that the iPhone app drives some 146,000 unique listeners to Clear Channel’s broadcasts every week. In Los Angeles, “there are likely 20,000 to 25,000 more listeners between online and cellphones,” almost like adding another radio station.

Clear Channel plans to replace the 15-30 second ads currently included in radio broadcasts with interactive ads tailored to iPhone users.

Grab iHeart Radio here (iTunes Link)

[Via: MocoNews]

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