Nokia to close Mosh, integrate it to Ovi Store

Nokia MOSHWe knew Nokia will combine/integrate Mosh, Download! and WidSets into its Ovi Store, but somehow I always thought Mosh will keep living a parallel life, considering it’s pretty much ran by the community. Guess I was wrong, as the Finnish giant is moving towards closing the service, which apparently had stoked tension between Nokia and record labels.

So far, Mosh has reached 137 million downloads, which is an impressive number considering that there has been no marketing machine behind it. In that sense, we’re sorry to see it going, but then again we’re hoping the knowledge and experience Nokia gained from Mosh will be well used for the Ovi Store. Strategy Analytics’ David MacQueen thinks so, adding that the Finnish giant paid its lessons and have learned how to run an open store, how to get developers products quickly to the market and how user recommendations should work. “Mosh will die, but I would contend that in many ways the new Ovi Store is the child of Mosh rather than the child of Download,” he concluded.

Mosh is living its last days, although we don’t know the exact “it’s dead” date. Will you miss it? Any thoughts?

[Via: Reuters]

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