Google Voice optimized for mobile – Google Voice functionality on your cellphone

If you’re like many of us working types, you probably have at least two different phone numbers and voicemail inboxes to deal with. Some of you might even have two mobile phones on two distinct wireless accounts. So, to help the average Joe deal juggle all their phone lines, Google is looking to turn its GrandCentral project into the voice-transcribing, free SMS text message sending, phone number managing service that they’re calling “Google Voice.” And, more importantly, Google Voice bridges the wireless-to-wireline divide with full-featured mobile webpages that offer the same level of functionality that Google Voice users will see on their desktop.


Thanks to a few screenshots discovered by Boy Genius, we now have a good idea of just how Google Voice will work on cellphones. The iPhone-optimized Google Voice homepage offers users access to Google Voice’s core functions – inbox (complete with transcribed voicemails and text messages), contacts, settings and buttons allowing users to make a “quick call” or send a free SMS text message. The default mobile-optimized page (below) looks just as capable, as evidenced by screenshots taken with a BlackBerry Bold.

Notice how the mobile-optimized Google Voice portals look just as functional as their desktop counterparts. We didn’t really expect any less from Google.


Google is seemingly determined to gain a big foothold in the mobile space. With web-based and natively-installed mobile offerings that have the potential to completely replace a wireless carrier’s core services, Google looks to be on their way to developing an all-encompassing mobile services platform.

Today, Google Voice and Android. Tomorrow, the (mobile) world.

[Via: BGR]

  • Jeff

    Now we just need the ability to add/edit/view notes on the mobile site. cool stuff!

  • josh

    is this only an Iphone mobile site or can I access it from my Centro?

  • joaforu

    I have a nokia N70 if google can be used for voice. Are we exchanging links

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