Google Mobile App Supports My Location and Voice Search

Google had enabled voice search in the Maps application awhile back, and now the feature has found its way to the Google Mobile App for BlackBerry. On top of voice-activation, the latest update to the Google Mobile App is My Location integration, so your search results are pertinent to where you are. My Location was a cell tower ID system implemented in Google Maps Mobile a little over a year ago, and provided a lot of handsets without integrated GPS some location-based services they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.  I usually use Vlingo for quick Google searches by voice, and will probably stick with it since it’s just so danged convenient to have one dedicated shortcut key and not have to launch the app separately to use it. Still, these are solid additions to Google’s already great mobile app, and with any luck, the changes will find their way to the recently-launched Windows Mobile version soon.

[via Google Mobile Blog]

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