Low-end Nokia 1661 coming to T-Mobile USA

Low-end Nokia 1661 coming to T-Mobile USA

Nokia announced a new entry-level candybar for T-Mobile USA – Nokia 1661. There’s nothing too exciting about this device, except that it may help the Finnish giant expand its U.S. market share, at least a little.

Specs wise, there’s a dual-band GSM radio on board, 1.8-inch 128×160 pixels screen, FM radio, speakerphone, flashlight, and a battery that can sustain up to 8 hours of talk and up to 624 hours of standby time. Pre-installed on the device are two games – Sudoku and Mobile Soccer.

There’s no word on the pricing, but we’re thinking the Nokia 1661 will be available for free on a contract, or for about $50 sans any contracts signed. Release date is set for “later this month.”

  • Maciek

    T-Mobile should finally realize that everyone who wanted to enter has already entered and no longer needs the “entry-level” phone. It’s time to step up to “Intermediate” and upper level devices.

  • Pablo Osain

    I dont know if Nokia 1661 has being released yet but, dont ask me how, I have got one right here in my hands. The problem is that this phone is locked by T-mobile, and I´ve tried all the unlocking web sites, bun none of theme can unlock 1661. Please help me, i live in Brazil, and i cant contact T-mobile to unlock it for me. Thanks and best regards!

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