Video: Palm Pre’s new WebOS applications from Sprint

The Palm Pre is just about the hottest ticket in the mobile arena at the moment. With hype building behind the WebOS and the Palm Pre’s high-end hardware, Sprint and Palm are preparing to hit this one out of the park. And, in preparing to bring the Palm Pre to its network, Sprint has already developed a couple WebOS applications that should extend Sprint’s multimedia experience to the Palm Pre.

Sprint took the time at CTIA Wireless 2009 to showcase their new NASCAR application for the Palm Pre. Running natively on WebOS, the Sprint NASCAR application keeps tabs on all NASCAR events and race-results, even tracking your favorite driver and their accomplishments. Like many other WebOS features, the NASCAR application downloads data in the background. That means all your vital NASCAR info is cached on the device and can be viewed even when offline.

And, what good would a headlining Sprint handset be without support for Sprint TV? The Palm Pre will launch with the Sprint TV application installed. Using Sprint’s 3G data network, the Palm Pre can pull down TV shows out of thin air.

The Palm Pre is shaping up to be quite the belle of 2009, and with much of the web development community ready to develop applications for the WebOS the Palm Pre is going to have plenty of applications to play with when it launches later this year.

Enjoy the video, recorded LIVE at CTIA Wireless 2009 @ Las Vegas!

  • Lazlo

    palm is going to CRUSH apple.

  • Loopy

    WHO CARES ABOUT NASCAR! Oh wait all of my redneck family does….

  • keno 911

    I sure hope that the “Pre” lives up to its expectations, its about time some phone kicks that bully of a iphones ass. Its like until the “pre” came out other phones were just okay with getting embarassed by apple. God u have been listening!! lol….

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