Nokia N86 8MP cloned even before it was released

Nokia N86 8MP clone

Chinese handset makers cloners are getting faster with the day. Even though the Nokia N86 8MP has not been officially released, they’ve managed to clone it. The newly created device, called NCKIA N86E, is almost identical to Nokia’s original handset, although quite uglier.

Specs wise — in case you care to know — there’s a 2.6-inch QVGA touchscreen, some camera (I don’t think it’s 8 megapixel), FM radio, two SIM card slots, Bluetooth, media player, and of course a microSD memory card slot. Price is unknown, but really, spending $50 on this is wasting $49. The leather case that seems to come in the box of this device looks kinda cool to spend a buck on it. 😉

And now some more images. Take a closer look, not to be fooled into buying this…

[Via: JampBLOG]

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