Verizon still dragging their feet on official BlackBerry Storm v113 update

blackberry-storm-in-hand-1Verizon’s BlackBerry Storm 9530 has been criticized ad-nauseum for its buggy software and unacceptably awkward on-screen keyboard paradigms. Unfortunately, it seems Verizon’s reputation as being America’s slowest-to-adopt and late-to-market wireless carrier has prevented the No. 1 US wireless carrier from rolling out the official bug-killing BlackBerry OS firmware version to its subscribers. Because, you know, Verizon Wireless wouldn’t want to confuse their customers by actually releasing new hardware or software in a timely manner.

PC World is reporting that Verizon Wireless is due to release the Storm firmware update in the next couple weeks.

Engadget Mobile points out that BlackBerry Storm carriers around the world have already gone official with newer-than-113 BlackBerry OS updates for the BlackBerry Storm. Our North American neighbors in Canada are already rocking updated Storm firmwares on Bell and Telus, which should help VZW rest easy in knowing that they’re still the king of laggard wireless carriers.

Of course, you might as well just grab your post-113 Storm firmware on your own and cut Verizon’s molasses-like certification process out of the equation altogether.

[PCWorld via: EngadgetMobile]

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