Stanford Students Port Cinder OS to Run on T-Mobile G1


So what does it take to conceptualize and create a brand new mobile OS? Would a campus full of eager and extremely bright students do? Yep, I’d sure think so, and that’s exactly what some students have done over at Stanford.

Cinder OS, an OS designed and created by students at Stanford was built to ‘handle the power and security requirements of mobile devices’. The OS includes for all intents and purposes a ‘turbo button’, for those times when apps simply aren’t performing at the pace you’d like. If an app is bogging down and running slow, just like an F1 car you can hit the ‘turbo’ and your device will receive that little extra turbo boost to pull performance up to a better level.

I don’t know much about Cinder OS (yet), but I do know that the same students have ported it over to the T-Mobile G1. How sweet is that? Look for more on this from the brilliant students at Stanford as time goes by.

[AndroidCentral via NetworkWorld]

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