Nokia to add capacitive touchscreen to the 5800 XpressMusic?

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

It seems Nokia is preparing to release a new version of its popular Nokia 5800 XpressMusic handset. According to sources at Taiwan handset component suppliers, the Finnish giant has ordered two million capacitive touchscreens, and the shipments of the new version of the handset are expected to begin in May-June.

The same sources claim that if everything goes as planned, Nokia will be rolling out more capacitive touchscreen-equipped devices in the future. The third quarter is the time when we’ll see some serious “capacitive action,” which includes some ultra-thin and QWERTY models, coming out from Finland.

Let’s hope there’s some merit in this story, cause I really believe capacitive (as opposed to resistive) touchscreen technology is the way to go. As far as I’m concerned, Nokia doesn’t have to release a new version of the Tube — a completely new device will work just as well. 😉

[Via: DigiTimes]

  • Thomson

    That just greate ! Can the 5800 be better? even today
    the 5800 rock off the iphone and the Tube have much better specs but for me the number one choice to 5800
    is the amazing smal size, like the iphone are a huge brick
    wich I cant have in the pocket like I do with my 5800.

  • reptile

    Does this somehow affect their plans to add true haptic-feedback to their touchscreen devices? Is it any easier or harder to put it with capacitative vs. resistive touchscreens?

  • gayan abeysinghe

    whats the meaning of this i think they should release the new touch screen devices with a new model name – otherwise what will happen to the 5800 xm customers who already brought it im pretty sure they wont give away free repair centers to replace the old touch screens with a new one for the phones . if they do this the whole nokia customers will be so mad at em its not good for the company leave the 5800 users as they are dont bother em or give em a chance to return back there 5800 models and get the new touch screen equipped 5800 models . so the returned touch models can be sent back to nokia and new screens can be attached and resold . im so glad i didnt buy the 5800 yet i was almost ready to buy it thk god i m saved .

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