Fallout BlackBerry Theme Features Home Screen Pipboy, Will Not Save you from Super Mutants

Themes don’t generally turn my crank, but as a gamer and a fan of Fallout in particular, this had to get a shout-out. Currently available on 8300-series Curve devices running OS 4.5 and up, but it sounds like the creator is working hard on a Storm version and will likely get to the bajillion other device requests in due time. I do like how the other blogs are acting all surprised at BlackBerry’s theme capabilities over the iPhone, especially over something as tame as this PipBoy; there’s plenty more out there, and folks who aren’t familiar with BlackBerry themes should sniff around Elecite’s half-off sale. I just hope Bethesda doesn’t throw a legal hissy and have the theme taken down – it’s not like the guy’s making any money from the theme. Grab your copy of the theme for free in blue or green, but be sure to leave a donation if you’re really happy with it.

[CB Forums via Gizmodo]

  • daniel

    This is beyond awesome! I wonder if it makes the clicking noise that you hear when you click through the menus on the Pipboy.

  • martin

    The links provided above are not linking to anything relevant to this article…

  • Dash

    I noticed the same. German porn perhaps? Maybe the link was so hot that he sold out and sold it to an ad company.
    Anyone know of a working link for this? Curve user and big Fallout fan!

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