iNap@Work helps iPhone users nap while working!

iNap@Work iPhone app

Here’s a novel concept. The so called iNap@Work helps (I guess) iPhone-ownin’ workers in cubicles catch up on some much-needed sleep by creating random common office sounds. As a result, people in other cubicles will think you’re working as hard as you can, while in reality you’re actually sleeping. 🙂

The application is unsurprisingly easy to use, leaving you with an option to select one of the five typical “busy office worker” sounds: keyboard typing, mouse clicks, misc. office (pencil sharpener, writing, stapler etc.), paper shuffling, and human noises (clearing throat, sniffing). Then all you have to do is select frequency of the noises selected and click “Nap.” It’s that simple!

Now if any of the bosses is reading this, please don’t use this argument to block your directs to the access to iTunes. 😉

[Via: JustAnotherIphoneBlog]

  • 123abc

    Not so good for people who snore, talk in their sleep, or drool.

  • jeremy

    So funny I had a big meal for lunch today and tried it out at my office. Nobody even noticed…I’ve learned the Keyboard and the mouse click sounds is fine

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