‘Twitter Girl’ proves a Twitter song can be badass

twitter-bird-headphonesTwitter is big. Really, trust me, it’s huge. If you’ve got a smartphone in your hands, you’re probably about to tweet this very post. This Twitter-craze has spawned way too many songs about Twitter. Some are funny, some, not so much. I like them, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t be caught pumping myself up for a Saturday night out by blasting Dave Ryder’s Tweetaholic.

It’s a great listen to be sure, but there’s something about a Twitter song that just isn’t, for lack of a better word, “cool.”

At least that’s what I thought.


It was fitting that Twitter users got a preview look at Twitter Girl over the weekend.

I first heard this song in its early stages, and it changed my mind about Twitter songs. By the time Producer and Writer Michael Copon was done polishing the track to a pop-lockin’ spit-shine, it blew my mind!

Alright, enough with the hype. Allow me to give you an exclusive first-look at the Twitter song that proves that a song about a micro-blogging social network actually can be “badass” – Twitter Girl, by Chadb and Michael Copon (@MichaelCopon).

Twitter Girl

[podcast]http://www.mediafire.com/file/hmd2munvmno/Twitter Girl .mp3[/podcast]

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  • Daniel Perez

    I was skeptical at first, but after hearing the song I can say that this is a great song. Too many “Twitter Songs” are silly, or overly nerdy. This is one is just right though. I could definitely hear this in the future on pop music stations.

  • Tom

    Yeah, I actually totally agree with Daniel. Thumbs up for high production quality 🙂
    This is actually going to find a place in my iTunes queue.

  • Jamo

    do you like fishsticks?
    its horrible.

  • Dave Ryder

    Hey thanks for the mention – I’m the first to say tweetaholic is a stupid (and fun) song, but it’s hard these days to draw attention to yourself as a single artist in a vast sea of musicians, so I occasionally write stupid sh*t like that to try and make a blip on the radar. I hope it doesn’t backfire and the dumb stuff is all I’m remembered for – there is a LOT of free music on the downloads page at daveryder.com, I hope some of you will take this op to go check it out!

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