T-Mobile ‘Flip Your Phone’ Promo: $75 For Your Old BlackBerry Pearl


Want to save some money on a new BlackBerry? T-Mobile is running a ‘Flip Your Phone Rebate’ promo to help you save a few bucks. The promo basically allows you to send in your phone for a minimum $50 credit, or trade in your old BlackBerry Pearl for a minimum of $75! You send in your device, and once received, T-Mobile will review and send a check to you in the mail.

There is a bit of a process you need to go through (6 steps), but if you’re planning to upgrade anyway, this is a great opportunity to save a few bucks on a new BlackBerry device from T-Mobile.

For full details head on over to FlipYourPearl.com.

Thanks Ray!

  • JaySmipf

    This is a good program but I sent my phone in on April 20 was received on April 24 and they are just now (July 1st) printing my check.

    • Rita

      I have sent off my phone for a rebate. How do you check on the status of the phone? If its been received or if checks on it way?

      Thank you,

  • kymmie

    Great incentive but I,ve been waiting for 2 months for my rebate!! Still waiting…

  • joe alouf

    this is fraud!! i cant believe t-mobile is willing to lend its name for it… you send in your working, functional blackberry, and you never get a check!!

    • J Thompson

      We sent in a fully functional smart phone as well but because the battery was dead they deemed the phone not functional and kept the phone but also kept the rebate…..now we have no phone..no rebate even though "power on" was not on the questionnaire we had to fill out……

  • joe t

    I’ve sent in for 4 rebates under the t-mobile recycle trade-in rebate program and receive back every one of them. It’s not a scam. You just need to be persistent about chasing it down if they don’t respond back in the allocated time.

  • Pat

    still waiting for my rebate too. Sent it in early Feb. Now is April. At least I know from the comments it is just not me and a scam. Hopefully good news will come soon.

  • frederick evans

    I mail my phone and rebate and didn’t received my rebate check voucher number 167529

  • annnoyed customer

    I mailed in mine in Feb 2010, and now in June still havent received anything. Tmobile gave me the run around – and eventually asked me to mail RIM, and said it wasnt their issue to deal with!!!! So crappy – they certainly had no issue taking my money!

  • Alliyahtart

    i want dish phone 4 free

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