This week in fake Nokia devices: E99, N66 Superman, N86, N100 iPhone, 5900 XM

We’re starting our little series here. Last Sunday was the first time we summed up some of the fake handsets we caught during the week, and now it’s time for the sequel. Again, we’re showcasing five devices:

  • Nokia E99 – fake of a fake, cause there is no the original E99
  • Nokia N66 Superman phone – which looks kinda cool with that Superman logo instead of a D-pad
  • Nokia N86 – unlike the original dual-slider, this fake version is a simple candybar (as opposed to the other N86 clone we’ve seen before)
  • N100 iPhone – iPhone clone with Nokia’s naming scheme
  • Nokia 5900 XpressMusic – at this stage Nokia 5900 XM is a rumored device, but that hasn’t stopped Chinese cloners from pushing their “magic.”

And that’s about all we had for this week. Next week, we may expand the list to include some other, non-Nokia clones, as well. Stay tuned.

[Via: JampBLOG]

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