Pantech’s SKY IM-U440 Hommage released to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary

Pantech SKY IM-U440 Hommage

Pantech has a released a new slider device in South Korea to celebrate its 10th anniversary. However, the so called SKY IM-U440 Hommage doesn’t come with some new breath-taking features. Its unique selling point is in the array of 112 multicolor LEDs placed bellow the screen to indicate the phone’s current mode. Appart from that, expect all the standard features of a Korean handset — including mobile TV tuner, noise reduction technology, media player, and of course a microSD memory card slot. SK Telecom and KTF will carry the device, and we’ve no idea whether the Hommage will ever be transferred to the Western hemisphere…

[Via: Engadget]

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