Rogers HTC Magic and Dream to Come with Exchange Support


A tasty tidbit of Canadian Android news for you all this morning. Seems as though the HTC Magic and Dream will both come out-of-the-box with Exchange support. How come? Well, the story is a little long-winded but I’ll try and condense it down for you.

The Dream and Magic on Rogers will not feature the Google logo on the back and become a ‘Google Experience’ phone. Such devices (the G1) with Google branding on the back must to adhere to a certain set of standards. Such standards currently do not allow for Exchange support. Others Android devices with no Google branding are free to tweak up Android as they choose. Hopefully that makes some sense 🙂

Long story short, no Google branding on the upcoming Android devices from Rogers… But there will be Exchange support. If you were really hoping to see the Google logo on the back of your device, you may want to check eBay for an unlocked Dream or Magic. Might be one of the few ways you can get Google logo goodness north of the border 😛

[AndroidCentral via Engadget]

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