Palm Pre getting location-aware WHERE app on launch

If you haven’t yet discovered WHERE, you’re missing out on a lot of location-aware fun. WHERE became famous as an iPhone application that serves up local weather, news, entertainment, restaurant reviews, gas prices, and Yellow Pages listings near your current location. Using GPS and cell-tower triangulation, WHERE can determine your position and displays all relevant information for that area. And, with Buddy Beacon built into the app, you can keep tabs on your friends and family too!


That’s all good news for Palm Pre fans because it looks like WHERE will be available on the Palm Pre on launch! Palm’s recent demo of the Pre’s App Catalogue unveiled the WHERE application in all its glory. There hasn’t been too much activity on the Palm Pre application development-front, so it’s promising to see apps like WHERE already ported and ready to rock on the Palm Pre!
Just a few more days until June 6th!

[Via: PreCentral]

  • Gonzalo

    yes, the sidekick has a similar feature, Microsoft Live Search. It can show your current location, and give you info about traffic, directions, movies, gas prices etc.

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