Microsoft Introduces Bing Mobile


In case you haven’t heard about it yet, ‘Bing’ is Microsoft’s new search engine. I know… I hadn’t really heard much about it either. The first I heard about it was via TWiT’s podcast last week… and most of the folks there had heard about it, but hadn’t used it at all! I haven’t used Bing either, and honestly am not all that excited about it. But hey, competition in the search game (or whatever it’s called these days) has to be a good thing… right?

Yesterday Microsoft launched Bing Mobile for all of us to enjoy on our mobile devices. All initial reports seem to be positive, with the clean little engine. I just tried it out for myself at on my iPhone, and heck… the thing works pretty darn well. Simple and clean results are displayed in a nice format, the results seem very relevant… I’ll have to do more fiddling around with this one… and so should you!

Check out Bing Mobile at

[Via: BGR]

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