New HTC ‘Rosie’ UI Screenshots Emerge


Cracklin’ rosie, get on board…
Were gonna ride till there aint no more to go…

Ok that was lame, I admit it… But why am I singing the classic Neil Diamond tune? Because I’ve got some great new HTC Rosie screenshots to share of course! My bud Rob over at Phandroid has managed to get his paws on new screenshots of the ‘Rosie’ user interface update. Rosie is rumored to be launching alongside the HTC Hero at the June 24th HTC press event. Heck, even the promo images for the event features a guy with a rose (or something like it) on his chest.

Rosie… Coming to an HTC Hero near you June 24th! 😛

At any rate, you can check out more screenshots below. I’m liking the look of the new widgets, however… many of these screenshots do seem similar in look and feel to the iPhone UI. Check ’em out for yourself and let me know your thoughts.

  • Spiff

    Very impressive visually? But does it have all the power that a mature, ugly Symbian has? Nope.

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