Facebook releases Symbian S60 5th Edition client

Facebook releases Symbian S60 5th Edition client

Facebook wants to bank on the Symbian S60 community, too, hence they’ve released a Facebook application in the Ovi Store. The app is designed as a runtime widget and it works on S60 touch-enabled (S60 5th edition) device, only. This means that owners of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Nokia N97 are the only one who will be able to take their Facebook with them, wherever they happen to be.

As we’re talking about a runtime widget, you’ll need an Internet connection all the time. Hence it’s best to use some affordable or unlimited data plan, or to do your “Facebook think” while in a hotspot.

From the app, you can do pretty much everything basic Facebook (without Facebook apps) allows you to do — including update your status, see what your friends are up to, upload photos, check messages, comment on everything, RSVP to event invites, and confirm or deny friend requests…

In a nutshell – since it’s free, it’s a must have app, even for those who don’t consider themselves savvy/regular Facebook users. Ovi Store link is here.

[Via: AllAboutSymbian]

  • Alma

    Darn, the link to the Ovi Store says the item is no longer available… I have been looking for a Facebook app for Symbian… What happened???

  • nokia e71 user

    thats unfair! they should create an app like that for S60v3 too!!! i want to have that facebook app on my nokia e71!

  • mike degg



    • Xeyez

      yes what about Satio users we need it also

  • mati

    what about Facebook for Satio?

  • benlib

    This is so disappointing how it was announced and then disappeared before i could enjoy both Facebook and my E72. Why would the widget not be available whence other phones and platforms are supported. Now i want a blackberry bold2.

  • zzz

    can’t use this facebook app for my SATIO 🙁

  • Ja9

    the thing is, if the application is for S60 5th edition, IT CAN BE USED IN SATIO. Since it has the same symbian edition as the nokia 5800. It is just that this was made by Nokia.

  • ben

    it can be used for satio but you need to hack the phone via HELLOox2 website first. once hacked just find the .sis file for the facebook app and it will load on the satio no problem and run like any other app on the phone

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