New iPhone leaks ahead of WWDC

iphone-matteApple’s WWDC 2009 conference is still a couple days away, but we may have spied the new iPhone… again. French website Nowhere Else has posted what could very well be spy shots of the upcoming iPhone. The familiar looking iPhone you see in the pics sports a matte-black finish and a blacked-out bezel. The allegedly leaked pics also show what looks to be a front-facing camera and an Apple logo that looks like it could glow.


We’re also treated to a shot of some sort of video chat feature. The front-facing camera sure would be a perfect way to make use of a new video-enabled iChat!


If real, these spy shots confirm that the next iPhone will look a good deal like the iPhone 3G. We’ll have to wait until WWDC to find out just what kind of hardware lies beneath that matte-black shell.

What do you think? What kind of features are you hoping to see in the new iPhone? Sound off in the comments!

[Via: NowhereElse]

  • Me

    Last picture is confirmed to be fake by the creator.

  • liakakovic

    The last image showing the video chat is fake. The interface is exactly the same with today’s skype app. They have simply changed the photo of that contact to look like there is a video chat going on. Where is the camera that shot this image? shouldn’t it be shown in front of that man’s face? finally green light on top is photoshoped. Nice try but I’m not buying….

  • Symbian Blog

    Seems that Apple never learns. They need to include a new formfactor or a new design…

  • Jack Meoff

    The form factor is the same because it’s perfect you cock monkey.

  • Dick Nibbler

    Cock monkey?

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