Acer’s Android-powered A1 coming in November?

Acer Android-powered A1

There’s an interesting article on DigiTimes, discussing competition between Acer and Asustek. From there, we find that Acer’s first Android-powered handset called A1 will be released in November!

That’s a good news and goes in line with what Acer was saying when they joined the Open Handset Alliance. To remind you, they said they’ll ship the first Android smartphone in the fourth quarter of this year.

As for Asus, they are partnering with Garmin to bring Nuvifone(s) to the market and who knows what else.

Acer will launch a total of 9 smartphones in 2009, and DigiTimes believes they could overtake Asus in smartphone market by the end of the year. What do you think?

[Via: phandroid]

  • Martin

    “As for Asus, the story is bit more complicated there. We know they acquired E-Ten for their WinMo smartphone business, while at the same time they are partnering with Garmin.”

    Acer acquired E-Ten. Asus is partnering with Garmin.

  • Dusan Belic

    You’re totally right, I’m stupid as hell in confusing the two. Fixing the article…

  • Martin

    Shit happens, I just didn’t want anyone to mix it up based on the article. Good to see you fixed it 🙂

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