In an effort to save money, Microsoft will pay an employee’s bill only if they use a Windows Mobile device

One of the nice things about working for a corporation is having your employer pay your phone bill. I once racked up a €1500 bill at Nokia during a weekend in Germany and making my phone a wireless access point. Those were the days.

If you work for Microsoft, you used to be able to get the data portion of your bill subsidized, regardless if you used an iPhone or a BlackBerry. Not anymore. Due to a tough economy, people buying dinky little netbooks running Windows XP, Windows Vista being a flop (even though it’s just bad PR), and massive job cuts, you’re now going to have to live with a Windows Mobile smartphone if you want to check your email and Facebook on the go. Silicon Alley Insider contacted Microsoft to see if these claims of making people use their ancient relic of a smartphone operating system were true and a representative stated: “This policy took effect as part of the broader cost saving measures announced earlier this year.”

This brings up a question: why do some smartphones cost more than others to own per month? I never understood this. BlackBerry I understand since they require an extra server component to work, but the iPhone or the Palm Pre, or any other smartphone, why is it that depending on the device you use, an operator can charge you more or less. Smells like shit to me, and I know it smells like shit to AT&T users out there too who have friends with cheaper bills simply because their device has the $19.99 unlimited data plan, versus the $29.99 unlimited data plan.

Data is data is data, right? Wrong.

[Via: Ars Technica]

  • Sean Dalrymple

    On the contrary, I can completely understand why carriers would charge more for data access on a smart phone device. Smartphone/Advanced device users are much more likely to utilize the web browser, email, etc. When I had a cheap little motorola flip, using the web browser was a really bad joke. With windows mobile, every time I need to find a clients house, Google Maps to the rescue. When I need a phone number, I pull up superpages in Opera Mobile. Heck I even order pizza with my phone now.

    The more smartphone users, the more it cost the carrier to upkeep the network to support these smartphone users. GSM networks up until recently were having serious data bandwidth issues because of the increase (I believe they still are) of smartphone users.

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