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More information is now available from O2 on the cost of upgrading to the iPhone 3GS if you are already in contract with them. Of all the feedback I’ve read/seen/heard on the 3GS, two things that seem to have peoples’ ire are the cost of tethering, and the fact you can’t get a free (or close to free) upgrade. I am going to tackle those points in a separate post, but for now I bring you what the costs of upgrading to the 3GS are if you are still in-contract on a pay-monthly tariff:

Existing Pay Monthly customers have the following options for upgrading to iPhone 3G S:

  • Option 1 – wait until eligible for an upgrade.

All O2 Pay Monthly customers are part of O2 Priority List and those paying £35 or more a month, have the opportunity to upgrade early. Customers won’t have to see out the full term of their existing contract before being eligible for an upgrade.

  • All customers continually spending over a minimum of £80.00 a month, receive a 6 month early upgrade
  • All customers continually spending over a minimum of £50.00 a month, receive a 3 month early upgrade
  • All customers continually spending a minimum of £35.00 a month, receive a 1 month early upgrade

Terms apply. For more information on O2 Priority List click here.

Existing iPhone customers will, however, enjoy iPhone OS 3.0 software which will be free to download to all iPhone customers from 17 June offering over 100 new features.

For iPhone 3G customers this includes the much anticipated MMS (from 19 June) and also internet tethering (using your iPhone as a modem – also available from 19 June).
Find out more.

  • Option 2 – purchase the iPhone 3G S on Pay & Go from 19 June. You can give your existing iPhone 3G to someone you know.

Pay Monthly customers can place their existing iPhone 3G sim card into the iPhone 3G S and receive all the latest functionality. Customers must continue to pay for their existing Pay Monthly tariff.

  • Option 3 – pay the remainder of their monthly line rental in one payment and sign a new Pay Monthly contract.

So there you have it – basically you have to either be spending quite a bit monthly, you buy the device outright, or you buy yourself out of the contract! Simple!

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