AT&T says stores will have ‘limited’ iPhone 3G S supply on launch day

iphone-att-carrier-logoiPhone 3G S hopefuls, worry no more! Following on their previous announcement that iPhone 3G S launch-day pre-orders were sold out, your favorite US wireless carrier has just announced that AT&T retail stores across the US will indeed have iPhone 3G S stock ready for sale on launch day. AT&T has announced, through a Twitter post, that it plans to have “limited iPhone 3G S in store 6/19.” The post goes on to recommend that potential iPhone 3G S customers to “pre-order, though, for most certainty/convenience.”

Keep in mind, however, that AT&T has already confirmed that they are sold out of iPhone 3G S pre-orders for launch-day shipment. If you haven’t already pre-ordered your iPhone 3G S from an AT&T store, and you want to get your hands on an iPhone 3G S at launch (June 19th), your only option will be to stand in line. Apple Stores and AT&T Stores in the US will both have launch-day supplies ready to go, so it’s up to you where you’d like to wait in line. You can “reserve” an iPhone 3G S at your nearest Apple Store, which is more likely to carry heavier launch-day inventories, compared to the “limited” supply at AT&T stores.

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