Garmin-Asus Ditches Linux in Favour of Android and Windows Mobile


Everyone’s still tapping their toe, waiting for the Garmin-Asus nüvifone M20 and G60, and the official line is that we’ll be seeing the GPS-centric smartphones before the end of the year and that Android was in the cards for future devices. Well, it looks like the G60 will be the one and only Linux-running nüvifone, as Garmin-Asus has gone on the line and said the Android and Windows Mobile baskets are where they’re putting all of their eggs from here on in. Considering Android itself is Linux-based, it will be interesting to see how or if it will replace Linux as a mobile OS. Android still has the publicity, and if one of Linux’s few selling points is a low cost (an area in which Android gleefully competes), we may be seeing more manufacturers making similar transitions in the near future.

[CNet via Android Community]

  • Travis at LocationStore

    It’s interesting to hear that Linux is the cause of the Garmin-ASUS G60 delays. I would have assume it was getting a deal with local carriers that would be the biggest hurdle it would have.

    This makes me wonder about those who push Linux as the perfect operating system for everything. Maybe it wasn’t Linux that was the problem and just the fact of building a complete platform for the phone. With Android and Windows Mobile, the foundation is already there for them to build on. If anything, this could just be a time-saving measure for feature Garmin phones.

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