iPhone 3G S Accessibility Options – Color inversion, zooming, voice over


iPhone 3G S - White on Black Mode

Sure, the iPhone 3G S sports a few hardware upgrades compared to the iPhone 3G. But, for the most part, iPhone OS 3.0 enables a lot of new features on the iPhone 3G. From cut-and-paste support to MMS, the iPhone 3.0 OS offers iPhone 3G users a good alternative to shelling out a handful of Benjies for an iPhone 3G S. Unless, that is, you’re looking for “Accessibility” features on the iPhone. There’s a lesser-known gem hiding inside the iPhone OS 3.0 that only works on the iPhone 3G S, as you can see from the video and photos below.

The iPhone 3G S allows you to customize the iPhone OS to better serve your needs. Through the “Accessibility” options available in the iPhone 3G S’s “Settings” pane, you can invert the colors on the screen (White on Black) to take contrast to a whole new level. You can zoom into any area of the screen with a simple three-finger double-tap. You can even have your iPhone 3G S speak some text to you, in case the “White on Black” color inversion option doesn’t do the trick.

Take a gander at the vid and photo gallery to see the iPhone 3G S Accessibility options.

iPhone 3G S – Accessibility Demo from IntoMobile on Vimeo.

  • Egypt

    the kinda cool. i like it. i can’t wait until i’m eligible for upgrade in march.
    i got my phone when it first released, but since i’m on a family talk, i’m not
    eligible for upgrade like this new AT&T thing they’re talking about for early
    adopters. So they are trying to make me shove out a 399 or 499 deal. ain’t
    happening. i might as well wait until next summer when they most likely will
    release a new iphone compatible with a hopeful 4g at&t network. UGH. patience
    is not my virtue when it comes to technology.

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