T-Mobile G1 for $50? Ummmmm, No!


Earlier today a few reports noted that T-Mobile USA was offering the G1 for only $49.99. While a price drop makes sense, I thought a drop from $149.99 to $49.99 seemed just a little bit drastic. Sure enough, later this evening it seems as though initial reports may have jumped the gun. The $49.99 pricing must have been a blip or error via the T-Mobile site. Or something. Perhaps someone hit the ‘price drop’ button over at T-Mobile by mistake. I bet it was Catherine Zeta-Jones snooping around headquarters.

Whatever the case at the moment, I think it would be safe to assume we’ll see a price drop on the G1 once the myTouch 3G drops. A price drop to $49.99?… I kind of doubt that, but I’ve been wrong before. I guess my question is this… When the myTouch 3G is finally released, how much do you think you’ll be able to snap up a G1 for? Free? $49.99? $99.99? Speculation is fun. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

  • “cr”

    I got my wife a “G1” from “T-Mobile” for $49.99+$3.00 tax.

  • Shannon

    I got my boyfriend a G1 on Monday for 49.99 = 3.00 tax. Ordered it Monday night around 420pmEST received it Tuesday afternoon around 430pm EST. Free overnight shipping, AND they waived the $35.00 setup fee.

  • Sean

    Dang it. I began the signup process Monday and got as far as the point where my credit card was needed. I went to get my card, got distracted, and decided to wait until Tuesday. Then the price went back up to $150. Knowing the low price is available, I can’t bring myself to cough up the extra $100. I guess I’ll wait a week or two, keep an eye on the T-Mobile site, and probably get an iphone of Palm Treo Pro (love my old, dying Treo) if the G1 price doesn’t come back down. I KNEW I should have jumped on it immediately.

  • Sean

    BTW, Walmart has the G1 in stores and online for under $100. Hmm…

  • Jakub

    okay where and when was this 50 dollar thing.
    was it only one day.
    because i heard some girl on YouTube who said the same thing.

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